Oh, before I forget…

A visit to the graveyard in Nieu-Bethesda is a must: aside from its lovely central avenue of overgrown firs, it’s gratifyingly bleak and spooky, especially on a cold day.

This gravestone caught my eye because I thought it oddly jaunty to add a ‘PS’ to an epitaph – this one translates as ‘The Lord is my Shepherd’. I found it amusing enough to send to Johann (an Afrikaner), who shot back, ‘It stands for ‘‘Psalm’’, you heretic.’ (‘Psalm’ is spelled the same in English and Afrikaans, although pronounced differently.)

And my appalling Afrikaans trips me up yet again.


One comment on “Oh, before I forget…

  1. Amanda Holt says:

    Ha ha! Who would have thought? I thought it was a Postscript too!

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