Another gorgeous spider and a good-news service story

I’ve had the most frustrating few months when it comes to South Africa’s service industry – it’s seemed as if nothing I’ve chosen or ordered and paid for has turned out to as advertised or required. I’ve dealt with wrong colours and/or sizes, wrong or inadequate finishes, late deliveries, lost products and missing pieces. In handling these irritations, I’ve had to pick my battles – there are only so many times you can complain, and so many times you can be fobbed off by companies that just don’t give a damn, before you start wondering if you’re on Candid Camera.

I almost didn’t grumble about the missing abdomen piece in this build-a-spider (there should be 9; I only got 8 in my pack) – but it was a present from my daughter and I really wanted to finish constructing it. So, not expecting much, I emailed Xplore Designs to explain the problem.


The response was immediate, polite, accommodating and professional: Chantal asked for my postal address so she could mail me another set of abdomen parts. I gave it to her but honestly didn’t expect much. The new parts arrived, by registered mail, within a week. And here’s my completed spider (I added the mesmerising eyes – they’re beads). Isn’t it fabulous?


I was completely blown away by the can-do attitude and efficiency of this company. It’s just a shame that generally customers are treated so shabbily in South Africa that we’re genuinely amazed when companies deliver what should be the norm: excellent customer service.

• Xplore Designs does laser cutting, engraving, wedding décor and invitations, and custom designs made to order. Contact them on



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