The sad fate of the glorious QE2?

In our book Life on a Permanent Wave, we left the QE2 in 2008, moored in Dubai, with plans to turn it into a floating hotel. It was supposed to sail to China in 2013 for the refit, which was to include 400 luxury suites.

According to a story published in the Mail Online last November, this hasn’t happened. Apparently, the world’s most famous cruise liner is slowly rotting away in a Middle Eastern port. This curiously disturbing photo of a workman roasting a pig over a makeshift braai on one of the QE2’s deck was included in the article.


In happier times…

NY maiden voyage

Accompanied by an informal flotilla, the QE2 sails past the Statue of Liberty on her maiden voyage to New York in 1969.

southampton 1987

The QE2 sails into Southampton, her home port, in 1987. Wherever she went in the world, there were always crowds waiting to greet her.

Queen Elizabeth visits the QE2 for the last time, Southampton, Britain - 02 Jun 2008

QEII leaves the QE2 after her last visit to the liner in 2008.

Hear it straight from the hairstylist’s mouth

blue cover

Richard Wood worked as the chief hairdresser on the QE2 for 12 years, during which time he rubbed shoulders with celebrities from Princess Di to Rod Stewart. His memoir of those boisterous and hedonistic days is a must-read for all ex-QE2 and Steiner staffers, patrons, cruisers, supporters and fans. It’s available in paperback and as an e-book from amazon, here and here. If you don’t have a Kindle, you can still download the ebook to your PC or laptop; details here.

If you’re South African, our weak rand makes it horribly expensive to mail-order paperbacks from amazon – if you’d like a copy, please speak to or email Richard or me.